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Streamlined, cost-effective waste-management solutions for the oil & gas industry.

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Focused on Your Needs

While other waste-disposal companies focus on only one disposal method, IEI provides options to handle all your needs.  We are capable of processing and disposing of the full spectrum of oilfield waste streams.  Our facility design makes our process methods the most efficient and cost-effective options for E&P companies to use for disposal of their oil field waste.

Our Facility & Services

We are devoted to operating a first-class, environmentally sound processing and disposal facility.  Our proven processes and centrally located facility maximize your transportation cost while ensuring consistent, dependable service.

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Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. operates the JFJ Landfarm, a New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (NMOCD) permitted Surface Waste Management facility.

King Vacuum Trucks

Our powerful King Vacuum trucks can safely remove and dispose of your solids, liquids, slurries, and drill mud.

Water & Tanker Trucks

Our water and tanker trucks can transport fresh water to drilling sites and/or transport waste fluids away from drilling sites to an approved disposal facility.

Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Our crews are trained to keep your tank cleaning costs down and are cleaned in the safest manner possible.

Water Recycling Facility

Treatment of Produced Water for Reuse/Recycling

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