Industrial Ecosystems Inc.

Vacuum, Water, &

Tanker Truck Services

Vacuum Services, Hydro-Excavation, Water and Tanker Truck Services

Our Transportation Team will manage the entire transportation process to and from your well site.  We provide Experienced Drivers, Specialized Equipment, and Regulatory Know-How.

With over 10 Vacuum, Water, and Tanker trucks, Industrial Ecosystems Inc. can help with all your Fresh water, Produced water, and Drill mud Transportation needs.

Vacuum Services

Our powerful King Vacuum trucks can safely remove and dispose of your solids, liquids, slurries, and drill mud.

We provide clean-up and disposal of pit sludge, tank bottoms and contaminated soils.


Hydro-excavation is digging with high pressure water while vacuuming debris into a tank for a safe, clean and precise excavation.  You may have also heard the process called “potholing”, “hydro trenching” or “soft digging”. Those names are good descriptions of some of the various applications of our technology.

Unlike traditional excavation, there is little chance of damage when water is used to loosen soil, significantly reducing safety and financial risk.

Advantages of Hydro-Excavation

  • Safe
  • Cost Effective
  • Non-Destructive (virtually eliminates risks of damage)
  • Fast
  • Uncovers buried pipeline without risk of break or puncture
  • Provide a less intrusive way for trenching
  • Trenching in wooded areas without root damage
  • Effective in conditions where soil is hard, compact or frozen

Water & Tanker Truck Services

Our water and tanker trucks can transport waste fluids away from drilling sites to approved disposal facilities.