Industrial Ecosystems Inc.


Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. operates the JFJ Landfarm

Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. operates the JFJ Landfarm, a New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (NMOCD) permitted Surface Waste Management facility.

The facility is authorized to accept non-hazardous, RCRA Exempt and RCRA Non-Exempt waste materials generated by or intrinsically associated with the exploration and production of oil and gas activities.

Waste containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is prohibited.

Exempt Waste

Drill cuttings

Broken bits of solid materials produced by drilling a borehole.  The cuttings can be water-based or oil-based, depending on the type of mud being used.

Drilling fluids

Water-based and oil-based fluids used to transport cuttings to the surface

Flowback water

Clean and dirty hydraulic fracturing fluids that flow back to the surface carrying such constituents as gels, sand, water, fracturing chemicals, oil and saltwater from the subsurface formation

Produced water

Naturally existing water pulled out of the producing formations along with the oil and gas throughout the life of the well

Tank bottoms/tank sludge

Slurries of solids, oils and water that settle to the bottom of various tanks and vessels

Contaminated soils

Waste associated with spills of any E&P non-hazardous wastes

Other non-hazardous E&P wastes


Non-Exempt Waste

Waste which has not been “down-hole”

Soils Contaminated with used or unused lubricating and compressor oils.

Unused Drilling/Fracking/Cement fluids

Other Non-hazardous, Non-Exempt E&P wastes

Non-Exempt waste is accepted on a case-by-case basis after a hazardous waste determination is made according to applicable lab analysis, MSDS and/or process knowledge.

Please contact the office with questions regarding RCRA Exempt and/or Non-Exempt Waste classification.

C-138 Form

A completed & signed C-138 form is required for any/all disposal of waste into the JFJ Landfarm and must be received prior to waste acceptance.

This form is required for each location and each waste stream.

We suggest that the Monthly box is checked where Waste Acceptance Frequency is noted in Section 5, as this will allow you to utilize the C-138 for 30 days rather than completing a new one weekly or with each load.

RCRA Exempt waste generated from oil and gas exploration and production typically only requires submission of a C-138 form.

RCRA Non-Exempt oil field waste requires additional information to be submitted with the C-138 form (i.e. MSDS, Waste Analysis-lab reports, process knowledge, etc.).

Instructions on how to complete the C-138 form: 

Sections 1 – 4 will need to be completed as per the notes below.  A “signature” is required for the 2 areas of Section 5 where “Generator Signature” is noted.  This can be a legitimate “electronic signature” or you can paste your signature into the document.  A typed name is not acceptable.

Section 1 – Company Name and Billing Address
Section 2 – Site Name (i.e. SJ 27-4 # 22, Atlantic 5 #2, SJ Gas Plant, etc.)
Section 3 – Section, Township & Range of the location or a physical address
Section 4 – Source & Description of Waste (i.e. hydrocarbon impacted soil, drill mud/cuttings, tank bottoms, pit bottoms, etc.)
Section 5 – Signature in both areas where “Generator Signature” is noted (regular typed name is not acceptable).
Section 6 – Transporter name (name of trucking company hauling material)

*Any special billing requirements (P.O.#, work order, paykey, etc.) should be noted in Section 1 next to Company Name/Billing Address.


C-138 forms can be submitted:

C-138 Forms 

For your convenience, please click on either the Word or PDF button below for a fillable C-138 form.

Please Note: PDF form will need to be downloaded and completed using Adobe PDF in order for the required “Digital Signature” field to work correctly.  The digital signature field will NOT work if you complete the form in your web browser.  The completed form can be emailed directly by clicking the “email form” button located on the bottom of the form.