Oil & Gas

Waste Management Services

Providing Oil & Gas Waste Management services to the San Juan Basin since 1992

Industrial Ecosystems Inc.


While other waste-disposal companies focus on only one disposal method, IEI provides options to handle all your needs.  To learn more about our services, click any of the options below.


Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. operates the JFJ Landfarm, a New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (NMOCD) permitted Surface Waste Management facility.

Wet/Dry King Vacuum Trucks – Hydro Excavation

Vacuum Services, Hydro-Excavation, and Water & Tanker Truck Services

Water & Tanker Trucks

Our water and tanker trucks can transport waste fluids away from drilling sites to approved disposal facilities.

Industrial Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Our crews are trained to keep your cleaning costs down

Water Recycling Facility

Treatment of Produced Water for Reuse/Recycling